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In-universe news articles written by correspondents for the Interstellar News Service.



Early yesterday morning, disaster struck the capitol world of Sanctuary, when an as-yet unidentified craft emerged from a point-singularity drive ion an uncontrolled approached to the world. Despite the best efforts of the System Defense Force and other local vessels, the vessel collided with the planet's atmosphere, sending debris raining down over Terra Casus and neighboring regions causing widespread damage. While no word on the origin of the vessel has been released, initial eyewitness reports suggest it to be the rumored-to-be missing ship the SFCV Heart of Winter (BB1-02). Requests for comments to Central Command, and to the Senate of the Initiative have gathered only that the situation is under investigation. More on this story as it develops.

Missing System?

More than a month has passed since last contact was had with the Aditi System, one of the most recently colonized systems of The Initiative, and more than three weeks since a travel warning was put in place against vessels transiting to the system. While initial suggestions of something temporary instability on the jump point initially seemed plausible, no recorded phenomenon causing such instability has been recorded with such duration, leading some to speculate whether there may be more to this story than previously appeared. Central Command announced that an entire task force has been dispatched to monitor the jump points, and assist any vessels that do emerge. Many remain hopeful that travel and communications will be restored soon.

Two New LGSL Teams

Two new teams have been added to the Low-Gravity Sports League (LGSL). One of these two teams is unusual in that it is fielded by the Empire of Tensa's royal family, as part of efforts to ease the tension between the Initiative and the Empire. The other was established and fielded by the independent world of Ashael, and represents several nations from that world. Sports speculators have already been wondering how they will stack up against more experienced teams.

Investigations Ongoing

The investigation into last week's disaster over Sanctuary have uncovered new leads into the events leading up to it. Efforts by Space Forces Command and other government agencies have uncovered fragmentary data records from the wreckage of the SFCV Heart of Winter (BB1-02), the vessel that blew up in orbit after a disastrous Point Singularity Jump. While the government officials refuse to comment on the matter until more details are in, sources say that the records suggest a shipboard event lead to a cataclysmic failure of systems aboard the vessel, killing everyone aboard. Other sources have suggested that it may have been some form of biological plague, but believe it to be an accident rather than an act of sabotage.
Space Forces Command has announced the official death toll in the disaster, at just over one and a half thousand people. This number includes personnel killed by debris during the search and recovery operations. Members of the Senate are expected to lead a memorial service within the House of Planets later this week.

Vessels Fail To Return

More than a month has passed since the Aditi System went silent, and people are beginning to worry. While more than two courier vessels have been dispatched in an effort to restore communications, more than enough time has passed to allow for the return of one or both of them. Many people have begun to worry over friends and family in the system, wondering whether whatever instability, or disaster has befallen the system has not proven fatal for the inhabitants. Government sources, when questions, have stated that they are in the process of forming a specialized team of scientists and support personnel to investigate the jump point, and, ideally, reestablish contact with the system.

Conspiracy Theory Strikes Again

A series of small scuffles occurred at the Terra Cassus branch of the Interstellar News Service, as well as at at least one Space Forces Command regional office, after conspiracy theories arose surrounding the fate of the SFCV Heart of Winter (BB1-02), as well as the Aditi System. The perpetrators of this unrest appear to have gained the idea after listening to a pirate broadcast, from a moderately well-known conspiracy theorist. Security in the affected areas has been increased, though the Internal Security Directorate (ISD) have said they do not plan to pursue the broadcaster at this time.

Kalnius' Instability

The star at the center of the Kalnius System appears to be suffering from some temporary instability. Traditionally a very hot star to begin with, Kalnius has begun to heat up, causing widespread drought and wildfires on Isard, seat of the Talros Theocracy. Relief efforts from neighboring star systems are importing supplies to help take care of refugees, in this time of crises. Local government offices have begun holding prayer services, and attempting to raise tithes to help pay for the increased imports.

Dragos' Design Dilemas

Manufacturing giant Dragos Industrial Concern have announced that they'll be coming out with a new fix for their N3 series of transports, after a series of widely-publicized accidents last year. Last years accidents cost the manufacturing giant 11.3 billion credits in safety recalls across known space, fixes, and fines, after accidents involving life support left one-hundred and ten people dead aboard the civilian merchant ship Carcados during an interstellar journey. Countless more were left dead or suffering from hypoxia after similar accidents struck at least three other transports.

Fleets Mobilize

Central Command on Sanctuary has dispatched orders to dozens of supply depots, shipyards, and anchorages to prepare for supply operations for active fleets beyond the normal day-to-day operations. Recall orders hae been sent out, recalling thousands of reservists to staging grounds, suggesting that the Initiative may be gearing up for combat against an, as yet, undisclosed target. Rumors have even begun to circulate that mothballed vessels have been reactivated, including ships that have not seen active service in over two or three hundred years. Rumors regarding new construction were briefly circulated, but disproven, although evidence of auxiliaries and shipyards stocking up with spare parts for repairs could be found.

Kalnius' Continued Instability

The Kalnius star system has been hit with a series of solar flares, knocking out infrastructure throughout the system. Ships from within the Talros Theocracy have been seen transporting in supplies and relief personnel, and several merchant vessels from neighboring factions have been seen attempting to gain access with supplies, before being turned away by armed patrol vessels. Rumors of scattered fighting and almost inquisitional groups operating within the Kalnius system have reached us, but are unable to be verified at this time, and representatives of the church have denied all such activity.

Closed Senate Session

The Senate of the Initiative held a rare closed session yesterday morning on Sanctuary. Eyewitness reports say that they met with experts and specialists to discuss the incident aboard the Heart of Winter, which was lost fifteen days ago, including some of the first people aboard the stricken vessel prior to it breaking up in the atmosphere. There is no word at this time the outcome of the meeting, or what further steps would be taken in preventing another such tragedy.

Low-Gravity Armored Combat League?

The Armored Combat League (ACL) reported that they have signed a deal with the Low-Gravity Sports League to pay for a new low-gravity platform. This new platform would be set up to allow the UCL's simulated warfare games to be played out in a low-gravity environment, as opposed to their typical facilities across a number of planetary bodies. This move has been heralded as excellent for the LGSL in defraying the cost of several of their aging orbital and moon-based arenas. Others have raised concerns about the effects of on-going combat, simulated with dummy rounds, might have on an orbital platform.

Dracar Heavy Industries Stock Skyrockets

Rumors of Dracar Heavy Industries' involvement in Central Command's project to develop new military vehicles has caused the company's stock prices to skyrocket. The industrial giant's history of producing military vehicles has led to many speculating that they may be tapped for the project, although rumors circulated that the relatively new start-up Halcyon Industries may have been leading the way this time. The request for proposed concepts went out five years ago, for a new infantry skimmer and sled, to replacing the aging one and two-man skimmers and cargo sleds used by the infantry.

Disaster Strikes Sojourner

Explosions rocked Sojourner Station earlier today, on the border of the Empire of Tensa, leaving several hundred dead aboard the station. In the immediate aftermath of the explosions, border forces in the area went on high alert, prompting a brief, but bloody, confrontation with border forces from the Empire, that left several dozen dead, and several warships on both sides damaged. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion, and are expected to release a report by the end of the week.

Noted Scientist Turned Criminal?

A noted scientist within the field of Artificial Intelligence is on the run. After having been discovered to be the culprit behind a series of thefts of materials relating to the development of next generation AIs, [REDACTED] was