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  Need an agency to become a surrogate mother in California
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  Tableau Assignment Help Online
Posted by: margaretciaa - 10-12-2020, 10:30 AM - Forum: The Initiative - No Replies

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  Character Sheet
Posted by: AvorHydrasoar - 05-20-2020, 07:04 PM - Forum: Personnel Induction Office - Replies (1)

Name:  Victor Cassidy
Alias(es):  N/A
Rank/Branch (If applicable):  Ranger 1st Class, REC 
Position/Organization (if applicable):  On top of carrying out the orders assigned to him like other rangers of his rank, he is also picked to carry out missions of top secret variety such as assassinations.
Species & Gender: Trans-Meta Human, Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth:  January 20th, 2479, Asam 

Physical Description
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  210 lbs
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Style (optional):  Goes to above eye level, messy straight
Other Features (optional):  Scar crossing over his right eye


Military:  X Academy


Mother:  N/A
Father:  N/A
Sibling(s):  None

Career History

Ranger, REC
February 15, 2497-Current date

Effective Dates of Promotion
Junior Ranger, 2498

Ranger, 2500
Ranger 1st Class, 2503
Awards & Decorations

He was born in a secret lab on the planet of Asam, bred for the purpose of the military and combat.  As such all he knew educationally is things known for the military, apart from the basics they taught at the academy. 

Personality Traits
Has a peculiar fascination with weapons of various varieties but prefers guns and explosives.  Sees things in a straight-forward manner in the eyes of the law given by Central Command.
  • A cybernetic left eye with ability to scan in multispectrum (Light, Heat, Nightvision)
  • Neural Interface
  • Upgraded nervous system (replaced some organic matter with cybernetics for enhanced reflexes)
  • Heightened smelling and hearing from genetic enhancements.
  • Climate Adaptability, able to withstand hotter and colder climates a bit better than the normal human also due to his genetic enhancements

Skills & Qualifications
Hand-to-hand combat, Fire-arms, explosives, Intimidation, piloting Roughneck-class Assault Shuttles

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  Matt Rice
Posted by: Shino_Wolf - 05-16-2020, 02:16 PM - Forum: Personnel Database - No Replies

Name: Matteus Rice 
Alias(es): Wodka 
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Space Forces Command, Private serving on the SFCV Dinavar 
Position/Organization (if applicable): Space Forces Command
Species & Gender: Human Male 
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: March 2470, Ashael

Physical Description 
Height: 1,83m 
Weight: 93 kg 
Hair Color: black 
Eye Color: blue 
Hair Style (optional): messy, short. 
Other Features (optional): No tattoos or other important markings, although he sports a short, messy beard. He’d look weirdly young without it, but too ‘’homeless’’ if it grew too long. 

Education Primary: 
Ashael Village Elementary
Secondary: none
Post-Secondary: none
Military: Space Forces Command on Istheim

 Mother: Hara Wright
Father: William Forge
Sibling(s): Isaac (16), Jesse (24), Bram (20)

Career History: 

Ashael Lord’s levy
Levy sergeant
June 2490-July 2491
Ashael’ Lord’s soldier
Platoon Lead
August 2492-January 2495
Ashael Lord’s retinue
Outpost Captain
February 2495-April 2499
SFC’s punitive Corps
Penal Marine
April 2500-  March 2501
SFCV Dinavar
Private (First Class)
March 2501-ongoing

Awards & Decorations 

Background Matteus dislikes his homeworld: the system is years, if not centuries behind the times, and his childhood saw many of his friends suffer from diseases that would’ve been treated as a minor infection on Sanctuary, end the lives of several of his childhood friends. Of course, his childhood wasn’t all that bad: he learned to work hard, learned as much as he could, and proved to be an eager student, until he was old enough to work the lands. Even with the somewhat modern tech, mundane and physically intense labour was still a necessity for the poorer of society. 

At some point, he was levied, and it ended up with him having to serve under his ambitious warlord, who, in a fit of arrogance, thought he could harass visiting Initiative citizens and prospective external workers, pressuring them into extortion money, or outright fighting This went on for quite a while, but in the end, it came to a head when the Initiative outpost’s forces responsible for the warlord’s territory had to step in and end the squabbling, and intimidation of innocent people. After a short but bloody series of skirmishes (with the technological, and militarily advanced Initiative), the warlord’s forces were soundly defeated, and to force compliance, 

Matteus, alongside hundreds of captured soldiers, were changed into penal miners, marines, and other auxiliary units. Despite the Initiative’s unorthodox decision, most auxiliaries proved to be resilient and strong, naturally a hardy people, used to toiling hard for little gains every so often. So, when he was indeed interred on the Istheim, he was set about multiple After he turned into a prisoner at the hands of the Initiative, he proved to be remarkably eager to see space, the vast black maw of the unknown. 

As being a hostage/prisoner… however, he wasn’t complaining that much. The medical care on even the penal vessel was superior to what he knew on Ashael, and there was always, always something to eat and drink. A luxury he had witnessed a few times he didn’t have in the past. All in all, Matteus is a man marked by his past, not due to political or social unrest, but rather, in seeing what he’d always lacked, and seeing what the Initiative had to offer. Despite this all, he is, after all, still officially a ‘’penal’’ soldier, and therefore, barred from promotion thus far. 

As such, he was forwarded to become one of the Dinavar’s crew, and when it was tasked to investigate the Heart of Winter crisis, he was faster than the administration, and volunteered before he could even be ordered to be part of its crew. When asked, he’d smile a little bashfully, and say: ‘’Well, space is so vast and so many things are unknown. It’s a mystery I don’t understand, and may never do, but if I can help the people responsible for finding out, then… that’s good enough for me!’’

Personality Traits:
 Matteus dislikes his homeworld: the system is centuries behind on Sanctuary in almost all the ways fathomable, and after seeing that even the penal vessel he served on before he was formally introduced to the SFC, had better facilities than most people on Ashael. 

Matteus likes to keep an open mind towards the unknown, as he grew up closeted and shut-in from even interplanetary travel due to his financial (and social) status. Now that he’s served on the Dinavar for a period, as well as the Istheim (albeit that wasn’t exactly a paradise, to be fair) he’s got a positive outlook. 

Skills & qualifications 
Physical/mundane labour
Farming equipment maintenance
Cooking (for large groups, as part of his penal service
Melee combat

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  Chapter Two: "The Cold and Silence"
Posted by: Asid Mjolnir - 04-30-2020, 10:17 PM - Forum: Deployment Bay - Replies (28)

A warm spring day that dawned on Terra Casus. A convoy of motor vehicles carried the survivors of the incident aboard the SFCV Heart of Winter  towards the Plaza de Fondateurs. The plaza, in the intervening weeks since then, had been restored to it's peaceful calm after the period it had spent during, and after the disaster, as a first aid station and emergency landing pad. Today, it was a busy, thriving urban spot, people crossing it on their way through the city.

For those within the vehicles, life was pleasant, although not luxurious. The seats were padded, though deep-set to accommodate figures in armor, while displays showed a slightly too-crisp view of the city outside as they rolled through. Repurposed armored transports, that rumbled through traffic. Kota looked across at Shino, Cassius, and Darcey, wincing as the ride caused him to bounce and he clutched a hand to his injured ribs. "So glad they sprung for a nice ride," He said, with a pained smile. "Heard you guys got some time to recover, just like me," He added.

The vehicles began to slow, coming to a halt in front of the steps of a large building, ornately built with columns and planters on the richly decorated dark stone stairs around it. A carved banner, high above the columns, proclaimed this as the House of Planets, where the senate gathered when it was in session. Lined up in two opposing rows, as if as an honor guard, stood a couple dozen troopers in the typical black and silver of military dress uniforms, though the appearance was slightly marred by the presence of their body armor and submachine guns.

A sharp-faced woman stepped from between the rows of the security force, watching as the ramps for the vehicles opened. "Good afternoon," She called to them, her voice sounding louder than was needed as the engines suddenly turned off, clearing the air of their normally loud noise. "I am  Colonel Miyori Dominguez, head of the Senate Security Force," She glanced at them as if expecting any of the passengers to suddenly turn violent. Her dark piercing eyes glanced at Shino, a former member of the SSF. "As some of you may know. When you've all had a moment to stretch your legs and clear your head, we'll move to your appointment. Are there any questions?" She asked, folding her hands together behind herself.

Kota shook his head, "Not from me," He said, getting out of his seat and looking at the others.

Info on the SSF: http://wiki.beyond-the-frontier.com/inde...rity_Force
Info on the House of Planets: http://wiki.beyond-the-frontier.com/inde...of_Planets

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