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Posted by: Shyaon230 - Today, 03:51 AM - Forum: Personnel Induction Office - No Replies

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  Tableau Assignment Help Online
Posted by: margaretciaa - 10-12-2020, 10:30 AM - Forum: The Initiative - No Replies

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  Character Sheet
Posted by: AvorHydrasoar - 05-20-2020, 07:04 PM - Forum: Personnel Induction Office - Replies (1)

Name:  Victor Cassidy
Alias(es):  N/A
Rank/Branch (If applicable):  Ranger 1st Class, REC 
Position/Organization (if applicable):  On top of carrying out the orders assigned to him like other rangers of his rank, he is also picked to carry out missions of top secret variety such as assassinations.
Species & Gender: Trans-Meta Human, Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth:  January 20th, 2479, Asam 

Physical Description
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  210 lbs
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Style (optional):  Goes to above eye level, messy straight
Other Features (optional):  Scar crossing over his right eye


Military:  X Academy


Mother:  N/A
Father:  N/A
Sibling(s):  None

Career History

Ranger, REC
February 15, 2497-Current date

Effective Dates of Promotion
Junior Ranger, 2498

Ranger, 2500
Ranger 1st Class, 2503
Awards & Decorations

He was born in a secret lab on the planet of Asam, bred for the purpose of the military and combat.  As such all he knew educationally is things known for the military, apart from the basics they taught at the academy. 

Personality Traits
Has a peculiar fascination with weapons of various varieties but prefers guns and explosives.  Sees things in a straight-forward manner in the eyes of the law given by Central Command.
  • A cybernetic left eye with ability to scan in multispectrum (Light, Heat, Nightvision)
  • Neural Interface
  • Upgraded nervous system (replaced some organic matter with cybernetics for enhanced reflexes)
  • Heightened smelling and hearing from genetic enhancements.
  • Climate Adaptability, able to withstand hotter and colder climates a bit better than the normal human also due to his genetic enhancements

Skills & Qualifications
Hand-to-hand combat, Fire-arms, explosives, Intimidation, piloting Roughneck-class Assault Shuttles

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  Matt Rice
Posted by: Shino_Wolf - 05-16-2020, 02:16 PM - Forum: Personnel Database - No Replies

Name: Matteus Rice 
Alias(es): Wodka 
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Space Forces Command, Private serving on the SFCV Dinavar 
Position/Organization (if applicable): Space Forces Command
Species & Gender: Human Male 
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: March 2470, Ashael

Physical Description 
Height: 1,83m 
Weight: 93 kg 
Hair Color: black 
Eye Color: blue 
Hair Style (optional): messy, short. 
Other Features (optional): No tattoos or other important markings, although he sports a short, messy beard. He’d look weirdly young without it, but too ‘’homeless’’ if it grew too long. 

Education Primary: 
Ashael Village Elementary
Secondary: none
Post-Secondary: none
Military: Space Forces Command on Istheim

 Mother: Hara Wright
Father: William Forge
Sibling(s): Isaac (16), Jesse (24), Bram (20)

Career History: 

Ashael Lord’s levy
Levy sergeant
June 2490-July 2491
Ashael’ Lord’s soldier
Platoon Lead
August 2492-January 2495
Ashael Lord’s retinue
Outpost Captain
February 2495-April 2499
SFC’s punitive Corps
Penal Marine
April 2500-  March 2501
SFCV Dinavar
Private (First Class)
March 2501-ongoing

Awards & Decorations 

Background Matteus dislikes his homeworld: the system is years, if not centuries behind the times, and his childhood saw many of his friends suffer from diseases that would’ve been treated as a minor infection on Sanctuary, end the lives of several of his childhood friends. Of course, his childhood wasn’t all that bad: he learned to work hard, learned as much as he could, and proved to be an eager student, until he was old enough to work the lands. Even with the somewhat modern tech, mundane and physically intense labour was still a necessity for the poorer of society. 

At some point, he was levied, and it ended up with him having to serve under his ambitious warlord, who, in a fit of arrogance, thought he could harass visiting Initiative citizens and prospective external workers, pressuring them into extortion money, or outright fighting This went on for quite a while, but in the end, it came to a head when the Initiative outpost’s forces responsible for the warlord’s territory had to step in and end the squabbling, and intimidation of innocent people. After a short but bloody series of skirmishes (with the technological, and militarily advanced Initiative), the warlord’s forces were soundly defeated, and to force compliance, 

Matteus, alongside hundreds of captured soldiers, were changed into penal miners, marines, and other auxiliary units. Despite the Initiative’s unorthodox decision, most auxiliaries proved to be resilient and strong, naturally a hardy people, used to toiling hard for little gains every so often. So, when he was indeed interred on the Istheim, he was set about multiple After he turned into a prisoner at the hands of the Initiative, he proved to be remarkably eager to see space, the vast black maw of the unknown. 

As being a hostage/prisoner… however, he wasn’t complaining that much. The medical care on even the penal vessel was superior to what he knew on Ashael, and there was always, always something to eat and drink. A luxury he had witnessed a few times he didn’t have in the past. All in all, Matteus is a man marked by his past, not due to political or social unrest, but rather, in seeing what he’d always lacked, and seeing what the Initiative had to offer. Despite this all, he is, after all, still officially a ‘’penal’’ soldier, and therefore, barred from promotion thus far. 

As such, he was forwarded to become one of the Dinavar’s crew, and when it was tasked to investigate the Heart of Winter crisis, he was faster than the administration, and volunteered before he could even be ordered to be part of its crew. When asked, he’d smile a little bashfully, and say: ‘’Well, space is so vast and so many things are unknown. It’s a mystery I don’t understand, and may never do, but if I can help the people responsible for finding out, then… that’s good enough for me!’’

Personality Traits:
 Matteus dislikes his homeworld: the system is centuries behind on Sanctuary in almost all the ways fathomable, and after seeing that even the penal vessel he served on before he was formally introduced to the SFC, had better facilities than most people on Ashael. 

Matteus likes to keep an open mind towards the unknown, as he grew up closeted and shut-in from even interplanetary travel due to his financial (and social) status. Now that he’s served on the Dinavar for a period, as well as the Istheim (albeit that wasn’t exactly a paradise, to be fair) he’s got a positive outlook. 

Skills & qualifications 
Physical/mundane labour
Farming equipment maintenance
Cooking (for large groups, as part of his penal service
Melee combat

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  Chapter Two: "The Cold and Silence"
Posted by: Asid Mjolnir - 04-30-2020, 10:17 PM - Forum: Deployment Bay - Replies (28)

A warm spring day that dawned on Terra Casus. A convoy of motor vehicles carried the survivors of the incident aboard the SFCV Heart of Winter  towards the Plaza de Fondateurs. The plaza, in the intervening weeks since then, had been restored to it's peaceful calm after the period it had spent during, and after the disaster, as a first aid station and emergency landing pad. Today, it was a busy, thriving urban spot, people crossing it on their way through the city.

For those within the vehicles, life was pleasant, although not luxurious. The seats were padded, though deep-set to accommodate figures in armor, while displays showed a slightly too-crisp view of the city outside as they rolled through. Repurposed armored transports, that rumbled through traffic. Kota looked across at Shino, Cassius, and Darcey, wincing as the ride caused him to bounce and he clutched a hand to his injured ribs. "So glad they sprung for a nice ride," He said, with a pained smile. "Heard you guys got some time to recover, just like me," He added.

The vehicles began to slow, coming to a halt in front of the steps of a large building, ornately built with columns and planters on the richly decorated dark stone stairs around it. A carved banner, high above the columns, proclaimed this as the House of Planets, where the senate gathered when it was in session. Lined up in two opposing rows, as if as an honor guard, stood a couple dozen troopers in the typical black and silver of military dress uniforms, though the appearance was slightly marred by the presence of their body armor and submachine guns.

A sharp-faced woman stepped from between the rows of the security force, watching as the ramps for the vehicles opened. "Good afternoon," She called to them, her voice sounding louder than was needed as the engines suddenly turned off, clearing the air of their normally loud noise. "I am  Colonel Miyori Dominguez, head of the Senate Security Force," She glanced at them as if expecting any of the passengers to suddenly turn violent. Her dark piercing eyes glanced at Shino, a former member of the SSF. "As some of you may know. When you've all had a moment to stretch your legs and clear your head, we'll move to your appointment. Are there any questions?" She asked, folding her hands together behind herself.

Kota shook his head, "Not from me," He said, getting out of his seat and looking at the others.

Info on the SSF: http://wiki.beyond-the-frontier.com/inde...rity_Force
Info on the House of Planets: http://wiki.beyond-the-frontier.com/inde...of_Planets

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  Dark Disasters
Posted by: Asid Mjolnir - 09-20-2018, 03:53 AM - Forum: Deployment Bay - Replies (32)


It was two weeks since the meeting within Central Control, on Sanctuary. Two weeks since the Heart of Winter disaster. in that time, to those of the newly formed team, crash course training had been offered to teach them the basics of the armor and equipment that they might find in their grasp. Those that had opted not to undergo the training had been given accommodations within the capitol city, or even passage to and from the planet, provided they returned within the two weeks. 

Today is a new day, as the team has been given, well, instructions, or perhaps a request to meet at Plaza de Fondateurs (Plaza of Founders), opposite the historic "House of Planets" building, that served as the senate hall. They had not been told what to expect, other than a formal meeting. Today was a slightly overcast day, with the faintest hint of a breeze. The plaza had reverted back to it's calm, usual purpose, rather than the emergency landing field and hospital it had become, during the disaster, when last many of them had seen it. The streets around it are crowded and bustling, the noise and bustle of a living, thriving city. 

To one side, stood the House of Planets itself, the large structure seeming shorter than it actually was. It's terraces seemed to bustle with people, moving to and from various entrances, stairs leading up to them overseen by a myriad of subtle, discrete security features. The building itself was made of dark stone, that seemed to soak up the sunlight, the massive dome atop it the only part that seemed to reflect it. Carved into the stairs, leading up to it, were dozens, hundreds of names. Planets, systems, asteroids, everywhere humanity had set foot, and dared to call their own.

Lieutenant Kota Jacobs sat on the edge of one of the planters in the plaza, dressed in his dress uniform, playing with a data pad, as he waited for the others. From time to time, one of his hands reached up, to stroke at the bandages that were faintly visible even through his uniform. It had been less than a day since he'd been fully cleared and allowed to return to duty, and he was excited to see the others.

The page on the House of Planets, if anyone is interested. Still slightly a work in progress.

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  Lorelei Darcy
Posted by: Hummus - 07-13-2018, 07:48 PM - Forum: Personnel Database - No Replies

Name: Lorelei "Lo" Darcy
Alias(es): Amy Copper
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Lieutenant / REC
Position/Organization (if applicable):
Species & Gender: Metahuman/Female
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: 2479-03-21 / Arc 2 Bravo

Physical Description
Height: 5´7
Weight: 133lb
Hair Color: White that slowly shades to blue
Eye Color: Red pupil, light blue iris and the rest is a solid black.
Hair Style (optional): Shoulder long shag cut
Other Features (optional): 

Primary: Poltava.
Secondary: Initiative Secondary
Post-Secondary: Poltava Prime
Military: PO1-06 (Advanced-Piloting)

Mother: Cecilia Darcy
Father: Ernest Darcy
Sibling(s): N/A

Career History
Position, Posting/Branch/company/whatever
Trainee, Soldat-Tor
   April 22nd, 2497 to January 4th, 2450
Pilot, REC
   January 6th, 2450 to Present day

Effective Dates of Promotion
30th November, 2450 (To Lieutenant (Junior Grade))
11th September, 2452 (To Lieutenant)

Awards & Decorations

The few things that exist in the database about Lorelei is that she has two parents, the schools she went to school, age and that she is Lieutenant Pilot. Why so little is in the database no one knows not even she knows and to be complacently honest nor dose she care at times it is varying degrees of annoying and inconvenient but alas it's not like she remembers every little detail about herself so there is no reason to try to "replenish" it. The parts that she does remember are very normal. A loving family, hopes and dreams all the good stuff. She also remembers having a fascination for everything that flies or to be fair any non-muscle driven transportation that could go fast. She also remembers getting her implants to handle the vehicles better and get better performance out of them and herself.

Personality Traits
Quite the happy and easy going lass. She loves to talk and have friendly arguments with anyone. She also has this "Shit get's done by doing it" attitude and if there is anything she likes it is things that move at high speeds and has some form of an engine or in general anything that can make noise when you "punch it"

Skills & Qualifications
(Q) - Piloting Ground Vehicles
(Q) - Piloting Smaller Space Vehicles
(Q) - Advanced Maneuvering of both of the above
(S) - Handles G's better then "normal" (due to implants)
(S) - Faster reaction time (due to implants)

Not her strongsuit
Hand to hand.
 - Or any close quarters combat in general.

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  The Fall
Posted by: BlitSnax - 06-03-2018, 04:10 PM - Forum: The Initiative - No Replies

Cassius awoke to the steady beep of his suit's atmosphere sensor letting him know he was now in a vacuum. Silencing the alarm he looked ahead at the giant plasma control coil gripped by the crab-like claws extending 10 meters ahead of his craft and smiled. Beyond that was the coil's former residence, an ore transport that was past even his skills to save. And in the intervening inter-planetary space floated what appeared to be his emergency rations and medical kit. Looking to his left confirmed that the storage module that usually housed those items was wide open.
"well” he said to himself ”that's what I get for using explosive decompression for extra umph I suppose.”
"That, and a bump on the head.” he added noticing the growing ache at the base of his skull.
Closing the bubble that acted as both the front screen and main entrance to the small craft Cassius noticed the transport, huge though it was, was starting to look very small. Not surprising considering the engine was on full power. Throttling down Cassius brought his prize closer to examine it. Fortunately the violent manner in which it was removed from its housing hadn't damaged anything other than the mounting points, and they would need changing anyway before the coil was installed in its new home.
Tucking the claws and his latest acquisition tight against the belly of his ship Cassius programmed the auto pilot for home. Even at full power Predas was two hours away, so he reclined his chair, opaced the front screen and projected the latest episode of his favourite comedy show 'The Aella Report'.

"You still flying that ugly piece of junk Cass?” Rhodrigo's voice blared over comms as Cassius landed in a side hanger of the DSY.
"I'll have you know that Sally here is a beautiful masterpiece of function over form. And she still looks better than you.” Cassius retorted, knowing full well that the younger engineer's sharp features, olive complexion and flowing golden hair meant that he got appraising looks wherever he went.
"I'm hurt dude, I think you'll have to buy me a drink to make up for that one. And tell you what, after that I'll buy the one I owe you for managing to find anything worthwhile in that heap of junk out there.”
"Sounds like a plan my man. Let me get Sally stowed away and have a quick shower first. Met you at O'Flanegans in an hour?”
"O'Flanegans huh? I'll get us a Glozzum pipe each as well. See you there!”

O'Flanegans was an Irish themed establishment, which meant it had 'genuine fake wood panelling' on the walls and 'real imitation leather' on it's bench seats. More importantly for the clientele it attracted, it served Glozzum and had great views of Predas Spaceport and the stars beyond. Rhodrigo and Cass were on their third beer each, having found some more reasons why they owed one to one another, and were busy setting the world to rights when they saw the mining platform out the window.
"That's getting awfully close don't you think?” Rhodrigo asked, gesturing with his pipe.
"Yeah, and moving fast...” responded Cassius suddenly gaining ghastly insight. “Shit! It's happening again!” He yelled, jumping up and heading for the door.
"Where you off to?” asked Rhodrigo to the retreating form, but Cassius didn't stop to answer.

O'Flanegans has such great views because of it's location on the opposite side of a crater to the space port, less than half a mile away as the rocket flies. Unfortunately that meant 2 miles of twisting corridors through the interior of Predas, a fifteen minute journey even at a flat run. Cassius's feet pounded the dull grey floors beating out the seconds until impact as the warning sirens started to wail. He was too young to help last time, stuck at home listening to updates on the feed, wondering if he would know any of the dead. That day had an impact on all Predosions, some lost close relatives or friends, others lost homes and businesses, some were seriously injured and carried the scars to this day. Cassius was for the first time confronted with the arbitrary and fickle nature of the universe and the revelation threw him into a deep depression that took him years to recover from.
Not this time. This time I will be there. This time I will help” he gasped between breaths.

The impact came on step 137, far to soon for the warnings to be much use, the floor bucked beneath him, sending Cassius flying into a display board. Dragging himself to his feet he took in the sign. It was for a holo that had come out two decades ago. 'The Ulysses Coming this December' Read the tag-line 'An A.I.'s odyssey into the unknown'. Cassius looked again 'Coming this December' but it never came, not to Predas anyway, the appetite for space operas died immediately after the crash.
"Why would they be showing this now? Wait, there isn't a theatre here, it closed twelve years ago. But it would have been here then, the first time this was out...” the words tumbled out of Cassius' mouth as it all became clear to him. ”I'm there, here, now! This isn't another crash! It's that one! I can help this time!”
Turing his back on the display he sprinted into the dim corridor, his way lit by the glaring, red, emergency lights.

His heart beating with a mix of exhaustion and apprehension Cassius approached the site of the crash. He hadn't seen anyone since O'Flanegans, though he had occasionally heard screams of terror from crossing hallways. Rounding a corner he came to the last stretch the end of this corridor was littered with twisted metal and rock, between him and that a pair of young men stumbled out of a adjoining corridor. Their ripped clothing and blood covered faces telling the tale of survival.
"Run!” one shouted ”It's coming!”
Emerging after them was a figure in a light space suit, insignia on it's shoulder marking him or her as crew of the mining platform. Covering ground a lot quicker than the others it quickly caught up with them, then barrelled them to the ground. Despite their attempts to fight back the men were overwhelmed quickly and it became apparent that Cass would have to intervene.
"Hey! Get off them!” Cassius shouted picking up a nearby rock and hurling it over his head towards the melee. It flew through the air and struck the attacker clear in the face, shattering the visor. Pausing in its pummelling the figure looked up. Cassius was met with a nightmarish visage, inside the helmet was a skull, brilliant white and gleaming the the dim light. Long, lank raven hair somehow held on and lifeless sockets stared straight at him, dripping some dark fluid. Covering the skull were small green tendrils emanating from further within the suit. These obviously acted as some kind of musculature as the being opened its jaws and let out a soundness scream. Raising to its feet the thing charged. Cassius spun and ran, terrified.

Hurtling down corridor after corridor, taking turns at random, darting through rooms, Cassius did his best to loose the creature, but it kept coming, gaining ground little by little. Eventually, ready to give up he turned a corner and spotted another crew member.
"Please...Help...” He panted.
The person turned, revealing a missing arm, the hole in the suit dripping the same dark liquid. It advanced towards him. At the same time his pursuer appeared once again behind him. With no escape Cassius sank to the floor, defeated. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

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  Viktor Thrym
Posted by: Joohoon - 03-03-2018, 10:06 PM - Forum: Personnel Database - No Replies

Name: Viktor Leo Thrym
Alias(es): Gramps, The lion
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Civilian. Sergeant in the ground force command (retired). Ranger in the ranger exploration corps (retired). Civilian system patrol. Civil defense force
Position/Organization (if applicable):
Species & Gender: Male metahuman
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: 25th of April, 2440, Ares

Physical Description

Height: 224 cm (7'4)
Weight: 180 kg (400 lbs.)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Light blue, one white from scar
Hair Style (optional): Swept back
Other Features (optional): Glorious beard, scar over one eye making it white, Heavily muscled, scars on body after years of military service 


Primary: Ares public elementary/middle 
Secondary: Ares public highschool
Military: Aesgard Military Depot

  • Advanced tactics
  • Military history


Mother: Hilda Thrym, former bio-engineering scientist (Alive)
Father: Ulfgar Thrym, former architect (deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: Amilia Rosendrome (godchild)

Career history

Trainee Aesgard Military Depot
  • 26th of September 2458 to 1st of February 2460
Recruit-Sergeant, First division, First Mobile Infantry Regiment (retired)
  • 15th of November 2460 to 23rd of April 2475

Trainee, Aesgard Ranger Training Center
  • 21st of March 2477 to 1st of December 2478
Recruit-Ranger 1st Ranger Expeditionary Company
  • 2nd of January 2478 to 19th of April 2484 (retired)
Civil system patrol
  • 29th of October 2485 to 2495
Ares Civil defense force
  • 9th of April 2495- present
Effective Dates of Promotion

Ground force command
  • Recruit: 15th of November 2460
  • Private: 2462
  • Corporal: 2466
  • Sergeant: 2469
Ranger exploration corps
  • Recruit: 2478
  • Junior ranger: 2480
  • Ranger: 2482
Civil defense force
  • Recruit: 2495
  • Private: 2497
  • Corporal: 2500

Viktor Thrym, a genetically altered infant to save from a birth defect threatening his life. He was raised on the planet Ares where he grew up with his two parents, whom he loved dearly and respected. Growing up it was apparent he was not like others, posing a big stature at an early age and showing great physical strength and endurance. 
He was raised with stories and old tales of knights who fought for honour, glory and justice, as well as the old norse tales, which his heritage relates to.
He's always had an idea of being a good person, a trusting friend and not one to back down from a fight to protect his friends if the need arouse.
He was given a nickname "The lion" for his reminiscence of a fairy tale knight.

When he turned eighteen he decided he do the world some good and join the Aesgard military depot as a recruit. Excelling in the physical requirement of it but usually having issues with anything for his size he graduated and joined the grounds force command's first mobile division, where he met Rachel Rosendrome, an engineer and a trusted friend who even made Viktor the godfather of her daughter later in life.

Throughout his years he has been apart of a couple of branches and has served dutifully, always seeking things to do, battles to win and friends to make

Personality Traits
Viktor is a caring person, always sticking out for his friends. He will not stand bullying or stand idly by while those weaker are being down trodden.
He is quick to anger and irritate since childhood but has since then been able to control himself, most of the time.
He is generally perceived as a rather happy and boisterous old man he sees little in not enjoying life to the fullest

Skills & Qualifications

  • Martial arts
  • Use of most forms of firearms and power armor
  • Basic driving vechiles
  • Use of melee weapons (combat knives etc.)
  • Ranger space shuttles
  • General survival skills and cooking
He doesn't like using firearms when not necessary, using more of his skill in hand to hand combat with any melee weapon or anything in that regard.
Few match Viktor's raw strength, endurance and toughness but that is not to say he can not be out skilled, he however is very skilled in hand to hand combat.

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  Corporal David Zastor (Marines)
Posted by: kingflute - 03-03-2018, 04:39 AM - Forum: Personnel Database - Replies (3)

David Zastor
No aliases
Corporal in SFC (Marine Branch)
Male Transhuman - titanium grafted onto cranium, jaw and ulna, left eye augmented for IR and low level light enhancement.
Born 23rd June 2472 on Tien

about 5'8'' tall
scars from enhancement surgery

Taught by off-duty military personnel until 14
At 14, sent to Phoenix military academy until 18
Joined SFC Marine branch at 18 and sent to Aesgard for training.

Mother: Jane Zastor (GFC 7th Division)
Father: Ali Zastor (SFC Marine branch)
No siblings

Recruit Aesgard Military Depot
- 1st July 2490 to 12th December 2492
Private SFCV CV01-02 Sanctuary
-3rd January 2493 to 18th March 2497
Corporal SFCV FF1-21 Sandstorm
-31st March 2497 to present day

Promoted to Corporal on 24th October 2495 to replace casualties sustained breaching a pirate station.

Awarded Orbital Drop Badge (bronze) November 2492
Awarded Deep Space Service Ribbon February 2493

Grew up in a military family and "adopted" by the Marines of Land Based Trialing Site Ali was assigned to. Found transitioning to life at Phoenix easier than many of his peers and supported many of them through the transition to military life. David passed his final exams at Phoenix with flying colours. At Aesgard MD, became de-facto leader of his training platoon and recognized as the training center marksman in both years. Became romantically involved with a SFC Warfare branch recruit called Taryn Cooper which re-flares every time they are at the same place.
Fought many boarding actions against pirates and smugglers, including a nearly disastrous assault on a pirate controlled space station, that lead to his being field promoted to Corporal.

David considers himself capable of being a part of any military operation. He will not shoot unarmed civilians or surrendered combatants unless they are directly threatening someone else's life. David doesn't think that he can change the universe - just the little bit around him.


  • marksmanship
  • orbital drops
  • space-born breaching
  • CQC
  • low and zero gravity operations
Determinedly not good at:
  • long distance running
  • talking to civilians

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