Cassius Rean
See below for my proposed character. I welcome any and all feedback.

Name: Cassius Rean
Alias(es): None
Rank/Branch: Civillian
Position/Organization (if applicable): Senior Technician at Predas Delta Service Yards (PDSY)
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth:Predas, Substation Gamma. March 23rd 2470
Physical Description
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 12st8lb (81KG)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style (optional): Tight Curls
Other Features (optional):

Primary: Predas Gamma Primary
Secondary: Predas High
Post-Secondary: Predas Technical
Military: None
Mother: Syble
Father: Ezekiel
Sibling(s): None
Uncle: Nicolas (maternal)
Cousins: Dori (deceased) Marie (deceased)

Career History
Technician, Constantine Farm Machinery
September 2491 to April 2494

Technician, Predas Delta Service Yards
July 2494 to present
Effective Dates of Promotion
Promoted to Senior Technician 2498

Awards & Decorations

Cassius grew up being fascinated by the vast array of ships and platforms visible through the dome of gamma station. Showing an aptitude for electrical and mechanical engineering, he should have been eligible for advancement to higher levels of education. Unfortunately the disaster of 2483 affected Cassius badly, he lost some close friends and his school work was comprised for many years before he was able to move on.

After graduating from technical collage in 2490 he travelled to Aella to attempt a more 'natural' life, getting a job repairing farm machinery. After two years however he grew increasing board with the sedate lifestyle and longed for the hustle of Predas.

He currently works for a servicing and repairs company and has discovered a passion for repairing and refurbishing old craft. He often heads out in his customised repair rig come tug to capture abandoned craft and other 'junk' to use on his latest project.

Personality Traits
Cassius is an easy-going individual, equally at home in a crowd or in the solitude of space. He lives for the moment, not really planning ahead more than a week at a time. Jovial and quick to laugh in most circumstances, he has an ultra-serious side which people can find odd when they first encouter it. Heavy personal losses in his formative years have given him a respect for the dangers of space, as well as a desire enjoy life whilst it lasts. This feeds in to his passion for repairing old craft, as he views a craft adrift as a wasted 'life'.

Skills & Qualifications
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Small craft piloting
Power armour piloting (civillian models)

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