Malcom Russell
Name: Malcom Russel
Alias(es): Mal
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Lieutenant, O-3 SFC
Position/Organization (if applicable): Second Officer, SFCV Luna
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: Emer, 2468, 14 March (35)

Physical Description
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style (optional): Shortly cut
Other Features (optional): Clean shaven

(Feel free to ask for help on this one, or just toss in something like 'homeschooled', or 'public schooled' or 'X city public'. As progress goes on, we will be adding more schools to the list, though we do have a few military training sites in the wiki).
Primary: Emer Primary
Secondary: Emer Secondary Mining School
Military: Aesgard Induction and SFC general training

Feel free to add in any additional slots as needed, this can include pets, spouses, children, aunts, uncles, cousins. Feel free to go as in-depth or not as you please.
Mother: Marie O'Donnel
Father: Marcus Russell

Career History
Tell us about where your character has worked, or what postings they've had. If you do this, please put it as
Position, Posting/Branch/company/whatever
Start Date (full date) to End Date (full date)

Miner                           31 June 2484 - 20 March, 2488 
Logistical Manager         20 March, 2488- 26 August 2495

Recruit   (Aesgard Induction)     26 August 2495 -  1  April 2497
Ensign (O-1)   (SFCV Eclipse)                     1  April 2497 - 31 October 2498
Lieutenant (Junior, O-2)     (SFCV Eclipse)          31 October 2498 - 1 July 2502 
Lieutenant (O-3)   (SFCV Luna)                       1 July 2502 

Effective Dates of Promotion
Miner                                   31 June, 2484
Logistical Manager                 20 March, 2488 to 19 April, 2503

Recruit                                26 August 2495
Ensign (O-1)                        1  April 2497
Lieutenant (Junior, O-2)        31 October 2498
Lieutenant (O-3)                  1 July 2502 

Awards & Decorations
None so far

Write out your character's life story here. Feel free to go in-depth, include details that characters wouldn't know (within reason). This is their biography, as it would be written out. Born here, grew up like this, you get the idea. 

Born on Emer, left to join the fleet due to the lacking opportunities and poverty. Malcom was born in a poor family of miners, pretty much the only occupation other than enlistment or crime om Emer. As such Malcom followed in his parents footsteps, working first as a miner and after years of toiling in the mines he managed to get promoted to a managers post. Here he learned the hassle of bureaucracy and acquired his love for a smooth running operation, which resulted in a nice and steady flow of ores being delivered. 

However Malcom yearned for more in life than hauling rocks, the occupational hazard of dusty lungs and cave-ins not withstanding and after acquiring some funds over the years made the gamble to enlist in the SFC. At Aesgard Depot he learned the basics of the soldiers life and after the basics he transferred to the SFC for further training, serving his junior officer tours on the SCFV Ecplise. 

After some years and being promoted to both Junior Lieutenant and later to Lieutenant he was transferred to the SCFV Luna, to serve as the Logistics Officer as well as the 2nd Officer on the bridge. 

Personality Traits
What do they like? What do they hate? How do they see the world? Tell us about their mindset.

Likes space, efficient flow of goods, proper whiskey, classical music and chocolate cake.
Dislikes cramped spaces, green vegetables, bureaucracy 
World view: people have their roles and skills. Religion and politics are private things that should not hamper the task at hand. 

Skills & Qualifications
What are they good at? What have they trained in? Please don't make them mary-sue and "I'm the best at everything", characters like that will be asked to be rewritten.

Mark I USP
Ship command (2nd officer)
Piloting (SFCV)
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