Haakon Storm
Name: Haakon Storm
Alias(es): Haakon the Breaker, Haakon the Cruel
Rank/Branch (If applicable): This is your character's rank and who they work for (ie: a private in the army). Keep in mind that we're not going to let you create a high-ranking character immediately.
Position/Organization (if applicable): PMC (Elite mercenary). Ex-squad leader, self-proclaimed 'lone wolf'
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: January 2470 Place of birth unknown

Physical Description
Height: 6'5'
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green/emerald
Hair Style (optional): messy, unkempt.
Other Features (optional): Several scars across torso, legs and arms of varying lengths, gruesome factor.

Militarily schooled (military boarding, youth) on an unknown planet to the Initiative.
Primary: X military
Secondary: X military Academy
Military: Full education 


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sibling(s): Fenrir (deceased), Maria (Deceased), Wilhelm (MIA)

Career History
Tell us about where your character has worked, or what postings they've had. If you do this, please put it as
Position, Posting/Branch/company/whatever
Haakon never served officially, instead being hired as an independent contractor, given his unruly behaviour and agression. Perfect for 'unofficial'' and violent tasks, Haakon prevailed, thus earning his aliases as a lone wolf, breaker of will, and cruel mercenary.

He once had held the rank of Captain within a Mercenary Corps, before he opted out, backed by almost half of the Corps over a disagreement on a high-level contract. Haakon is still often referred to as being a Captain, Lieutenant, or boss.
Effective Dates of Promotion
Junior officer (pre-expulsion)
Class President (aka the Class' strongest/best)

Awards & Decorations

Haakon grew up in the Initiative, for the first six years of his life, but after one day of leaving school for home, his parents had disappeared. Within two days, a shady figure offered to take them in and take care of them. As children they didn't know any better, still shocked and quiet by the disappearance of their parents.

Not three years later, Haakon already trained like most cadets for the GFC. The similarities ended however, when Haakon wasn't punished for breaking one of his nemesis' arms on purpose. Instead, he was encouraged to be cruel -and as such, grew up with violence, and it is now a part of his life, if not his entire being.

Much of Haakon's life is shrouded in mystery: either he has forgotten or repressed it, or he simply does not care. Violence, reward, risk, adventure. Simple, hard.

Beyond the Initiative, life can be hard for people, but, as ruthless as Haakon is, he might be a target, but also feared enough to remain safe, as long as he is careful. He usually remains around old contacts, ex-teammates from various group-contracts, and otherwise friends. He has few of the latter, but it is a two-way street, and Haakon keeps his word.

Personality Traits
Haakon likes it straight and simple. if you decide to be a smart-ass and talk around in circles, the situation could arise where you have to pay double for his services. He cares not for the target he is supposed to take down. The only thing he will not do, is target children, who are yet to be shown the cruelties of life.
Skills & Qualifications
Conventional/eletromagnetic weaponry
Survival, endurance training
Improvised weaponcrafting (simple spears, bows, arrows etc.)
Interrogation -focus on intimidation and physical exhaustion.
Well-known mercenary (low-tier status, easier to connect for bounties et cetera)

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