Felicia "Kat" Sanders
Name: Felicia Sanders
Alias(es): Kat, Kitty
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Petty Officer 2nd Class in Space Forces Command
Position/Organization (if applicable): Engineering Assistant
Species & Gender: Metahuman Female
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: February 28, 2482 - Arc 2 Prime 

Physical Description
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style (optional): Shoulder Length
Other Features (optional): Covered in Fur, tail (non-prehensile), Claws

(Feel free to ask for help on this one, or just toss in something like 'homeschooled', or 'public schooled' or 'X city public'. As progress goes on, we will be adding more schools to the list, though we do have a few military training sites in the wiki).
Primary: Public School, Arc 2 Prime, Arc System
Secondary: Public School, Arc 2 Prime, Arc System
Military:  Aesgard Military Depot, Sanctuary, Arc System

Family: Orphaned at young age.  Genetically altered to resemble a cat-human hybrid in adolescence

Career History
Recruit, Aesgard Military Depot: Sept 2499 - Nov 2499
Engineer, SFCV Phoenix Blaze (K1-01): Nov 2499 - June 2500
Trainee, Soldat-Tor (PO1-06): June 2500 - May 2502
Engineer/Boarding Team, SFCV Whisperer (BB2-03): May 2502 - Present

Effective Dates of Promotion
Recruit - Sept, 2499
Sailor Second Class - Nov 2499
Sailor First Class - Aug 2501
Petty Officer Third Class - May 2502
Petty Officer Second Class - Jan 2503

Awards & Decorations
Awards and decorations characters have gotten. Primarily aimed at soldiers, but can include civilians too. Feel free to leave blank.

Felicia was born an indeterminate number of years ago to a living family, but was inexplicably orphaned at a very young age. She was taken in by a geneticist and raised with other children. She was always inquisitive and curious as a youth, earning her the nickname of The Kat, which she chose to adopt rather than hate.  In her adolescence, she was given genetic therapies that resulted in her now feline appearance.  Having just enlisted in the Navy, she was assigned as an engineering apprentice because of her constant need for stimulation.
Personality Traits
Felicia is a bright, perky, and somewhat naive young lady who's never afraid to jump in headfirst (literally) since she almost always lands on her feet. She can't help herself when it comes to trying to learn all she can about anything she finds.  She hates bullies, but there aren't many who are willing to fight a cat-lady.  She really hates swimming, although she will do it if she REALLY NEEDS to.  

Skills & Qualifications
She's decent at technology, excellent in most physical feats, but not very resilient in terms of withstanding punishment. She is actually quite well versed in book education, but lacks social skills and has resorted to hiding behind her fellow engineers in tense situations.  She never starts a fight, but she WILL end it.

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