Lorelei Darcy
Name: Lorelei "Lo" Darcy
Alias(es): Amy Copper
Rank/Branch (If applicable): Lieutenant / REC
Position/Organization (if applicable):
Species & Gender: Metahuman/Female
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: 2479-03-21 / Arc 2 Bravo

Physical Description
Height: 5´7
Weight: 133lb
Hair Color: White that slowly shades to blue
Eye Color: Red pupil, light blue iris and the rest is a solid black.
Hair Style (optional): Shoulder long shag cut
Other Features (optional): 

Primary: Poltava.
Secondary: Initiative Secondary
Post-Secondary: Poltava Prime
Military: PO1-06 (Advanced-Piloting)

Mother: Cecilia Darcy
Father: Ernest Darcy
Sibling(s): N/A

Career History
Position, Posting/Branch/company/whatever
Trainee, Soldat-Tor
   April 22nd, 2497 to January 4th, 2450
Pilot, REC
   January 6th, 2450 to Present day

Effective Dates of Promotion
30th November, 2450 (To Lieutenant (Junior Grade))
11th September, 2452 (To Lieutenant)

Awards & Decorations

The few things that exist in the database about Lorelei is that she has two parents, the schools she went to school, age and that she is Lieutenant Pilot. Why so little is in the database no one knows not even she knows and to be complacently honest nor dose she care at times it is varying degrees of annoying and inconvenient but alas it's not like she remembers every little detail about herself so there is no reason to try to "replenish" it. The parts that she does remember are very normal. A loving family, hopes and dreams all the good stuff. She also remembers having a fascination for everything that flies or to be fair any non-muscle driven transportation that could go fast. She also remembers getting her implants to handle the vehicles better and get better performance out of them and herself.

Personality Traits
Quite the happy and easy going lass. She loves to talk and have friendly arguments with anyone. She also has this "Shit get's done by doing it" attitude and if there is anything she likes it is things that move at high speeds and has some form of an engine or in general anything that can make noise when you "punch it"

Skills & Qualifications
(Q) - Piloting Ground Vehicles
(Q) - Piloting Smaller Space Vehicles
(Q) - Advanced Maneuvering of both of the above
(S) - Handles G's better then "normal" (due to implants)
(S) - Faster reaction time (due to implants)

Not her strongsuit
Hand to hand.
 - Or any close quarters combat in general.

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