Dark Disasters

Kota laughed, softly, and patted Cassius on the back. "It's more of a..." He scratches his jawline. "Hm. Well, it's like this. A crisp salute shows you're trained but not experienced. A lazy salute that's still proper shows you're trained but experienced enough not to take formalities too seriously. Failing to salute shows you're either a civilian, untrained, or just disrespectful," He said, laughing softly. "And hey, hey, I try to have some sense," He said, peering at Chevy.

As Chevy spoke to Colonel Dominguez, the colonel watched her, with a bland expression. "A pleasure," She said, offering Chevy her hand to shake. "As for parties, I'm not entirely certain when one might be held, but I doubt it would be held here-" She gestures to the building they were about to enter. "They're not much on partying."

The team entered the front doors, into the large, ornate lobby. The floor here was of white marble, inlaid with precious metals, forming the emblem of the government. Despite the large size, the lobby seemed nearly abandoned, as only a scattered few handfuls of people milled about, in small clusters and clumps, talking. The lobby had a sort of majesty to it, lit by natural light filtering in through windows, that kept the high vaulted ceiling in shadow, massive corridors leading away from the lobby. Here and there, doors were visible, seeming almost comically undersized in the massive building despite the ornate decor around them, to highlight them. Colonel Dominguez began to lead the way through the corridors, until eventually they were led into a corridor that became progressively darker. They passed by a checkpoint, guarded by a pair of soldiers, who nodded in greeting to Shino, and rendered formal salutes to the others.

Colonel Dominguez stopped by the double doors the soldiers were guarding. "Your appointment will be through there," She said, peering at the team. "Do recall to be on your best behavior, please," She said. Kota nodded, "Yes, ma'am," He said, and went to push open the doors...

The team emerged into a large, circular room, done in tiers, with the lowest in the center, where they were. The room was lit by natural light from a skylight, high above, that illuminated that dark blue carpet, and heavy wood and stone furniture. Arrayed around the tiers were dozens, over a hundred, desks with chairs. Each desk had the name of a planet engraved on the front, in large lettering, and on the floor in front of each one was a set of numbers, coordinates, beside a pictorial representation of the stars needed to get there. A single desk sat above the entrance, without a chair, or much of the other ornamentation, only the name carefully carved into it. 'Earth'.

Behind every other desk, sat a man or woman, all well-dressed, their attention fixated on the door the team had just emerged through. "The senate welcomes you," A woman said, standing from behind the desk marked 'Sanctuary'. "We're here today, ladies and gentlemen, to discuss what your next move will be, in the task bestowed upon you by the Protector. Shall we begin?"

Lorelie nodded lightly, looked around at the interior of the room and then she looked over the man and woman sitting before her in an attempt to make sure she remembered them.

"Since as far as I'm aware we are all here. Therefore I see no reason not to."
She smiled slightly at them while talking.

She turned her full attention to them in anticipation for them to begin.

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