Dark Disasters
"Be nice ta be out doin' somethin' again," Chevy agreed, "especially of there's no black ooze." She grinned, shrugging. While she didn't like risking their lives, she hated just sitting around, even if there was training to mix it up...after all, what good was all the training if you didn't get a chance to use it? "Anything special we should bring, or is a pillow 'bout it?"

The colonel peered at Eusebia, and smiled, wryly. "You'll find whatever is required aboard your transport," She said. "And depending on which assignment your team undertakes, there might not be any black ooze. These matters could be completely unrelated, or not, and we won't know until, well, we have boots on the ground as it were," She said, folding her arms and peering at Shino and Cassius. "I suspect, Miss Roa, that you, Mr. Rean, and Lieutenant Russell will have a great deal to do."

Kota's lips curl at Shino's remark, and he let out a laugh. "That's true, Corporal, but we don't get to meet the Senate every day, do we? Nor do we get to go flying through space on a regular basis" He teased, going to elbow Shino lightly in the side and glance at the Eusebia, Cassius, and Malcom as the three spacers. The Colonel nodded, her wry smile remaining firmly on her lips. "That's correct, Corporal, you won't need to worry about much beyond keeping people safe still.

The colonel turned and peered, nodding at Cassius' remarks, and her wry smile grew. "You'll find the more you deal with politicians, the more often what they say seems like things you already know, or that is completely irrelevant to the situation at hand. It comes from them being politicians and not actually the ones in the field," She said, shaking her hair out, as they walked through the hallways towards the entrance. Already a bright speck of  light was falling from the sky, lights blinking to indicate it was a dropship on descent. She tilted her head up at it. "Lieutenant Russell, you ought to find everything you need aboard your ship, for at least the limits of your ship's endurance. I do not envy you being cramped aboard that small craft," She said, sounding almost ill at the mere thought of it.

Her attention turned back to the team as a whole, and she folded her arms. "So, you've the options of going to the Aditi system, which has been failing to respond to communications, and we believe was a waypoint for the Heart of Winter before it arriced here, or investigating the reappearance of another scout vessel which had disappeared deferral hundred years ago. You've until you get to your transport, the Dinavar to decide. Now here is where we part ways," She said, stepping aside, as the shuttle touched down in the plaza ahead. It was an older model, a slight variation of the types most commonly used in this day and age, but it looked as if it had been recently refurbished, with new hull plates. Kota approached the lowering ramp, and glanced over at the others. "My vote is Aditi, but, it's up to you guys. In this one, we're somewhat as equals, for what it's worth," He said, before stepping fully inside and going to strap in. "Russell, as the spacer here, what's your thought? I mean, we're more likely to see more ships in the area inn Aditi, but I know your ship got banged up. You ready to maybe go back into that if something happened?"

As the team stepped aboard, the ramp began to slowly whine upwards, closing behind them. The shuttle leapt into the air, even as the ramp was still closing, heading for orbit. A small screen mounted to the forward bulkhead blinked into life, displaying a small ship ahead, highlighted with it's name printed beside it. A narrow, elongated frame, with several bulges along it's length for weapons and sensor pods was displayed on the screen, a faint blue glow radiating from several thrusters in the aft, as well as small thrusters that flared to life now and then, clearly as part of some dodging of debris or adjusting it's orbit. Alongside one side was printed in large block letters, SFCV DINAVAR - D13. Here and there, lights glowed through portholes, and a section near the middle glowed and had split open to reveal a hangar bay, that a line was drawn towards, showing the planned course of the shuttle.

Sorry, I've been so busy guys. I know I've sorta dropped the ball in trying to keep everyone involved and all, and I do deeply apologize.
Shino'd followed Kota rather quietly and strapped herself in. No matter what decision was chosen, she'd have been happy to do it with these people. There was always worse folks to deal with. Senate Security'd taught her that. Eagerly waiting, she sat, humming along to a tune she'd gotten in her head. Probably from the last time they went karaoke.

Not that she particularly cared for the song itself, she didn't like the waiting for taking off. It'd been only a short period before last time and she wasn't exactly anxious to get back INTO space, as much as that the trip from the planet's surface to the big black beyond was a bit jarring to her.

''Well, what'll be done? Either way I'm fine. It's my job to have your back, so I'm following your lead. Besides, now that I've finally got some drinking and karaoke buddies again, I'd have to keep you that way, don't I?'' she teased, mocking a drunkard's sway in her seat.

With a bright smile, she turned to her companions yet to strap themselves in.

''So, it's up to you, really. As the brains, you've got to get used to actually using them.'' she teased some more, before settling for being quiet and (impatiently) waiting for take-off

Oh how did she loathe the waiting prior to take-off.

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