Character Creation Guide
Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Frontier!

This is going to be a quick-and-dirty little guide for creating characters, with strictly the basics. If you have questions, feel free to private message me, and I'll do my best to help.

To begin with, Humanity was unified in the 2030s, under a single government referred to as "The Initiative", or "The PeaceKeeper Initiative". They spread humanity to the stars, with the capitol planet being "Sanctuary", in the Arc System. Earth is forgotten, and sealed away, no travel to or from it (effectively, no characters from Earth).  All of the present-day events will be in 2503 or later, so please check the wiki or ask if you're uncertain as to the in-game date.

We allow characters of civilian and military origin, you're free to choose any job, and we'll do our best to integrate it into the story. That said, if you are interested in playing a soldier or government agent of some kind, these are the branches.

  • Space Forces Command (SFC): Space Forces Command is effectively the space-navy of the Initiative. They operate warships, and many of the government's space-based facilities. They have a section also known as Spaceborne Infantry (SI) or more commonly called "marines", which are exactly like present-day marines.
  • Ground Forces Command (GFC): The Ground Forces Command (GFC) is the equivalent of the army. They provide security at government installations on planets, and fight any battles that need to be fought on the ground.

  • Ranger Exploration Corps (REC): The Ranger Exploration Corps (REC) is a paramilitary branch dedicated to exploring beyond the boundaries of human space. While many of them are former soldiers, it is not a requirement to join, and they are not deployed in combat except in emergencies. They are armed, and given ships capable of combat, to defend themselves as required however.
  • Colonial Security Force (CSF): Part of the Colonial Authority (CA) which oversees new colony worlds until they're fully organized and capable of self-governance, the Colonial Security Force (CSF) provides security to fledgling colonies until they're able to establish a security force of their own. The CSF also steps in to police smaller colony worlds, and defend against any pirate raids.
  • Civil Defense Force (CDF): The Civil Defense Force (CDF) are a volunteer, part-time combat force with each world raising it's own CDF. The CDF is part militia/national guard, and part police force, operating any defenses required by the planet on the planet's surface. They're established to repel any potential invaders or raiders, and keep order in the event of an emergency.
  • System Defense Force (SDF): The System Defense Force (SDF) is the space-based equivalent of the Civil Defense Force (CDF).  The SDF operates lighter warships for protecting planetary systems, and operates any in-system defenses that may be required, as well as operating as a patrol against smugglers.
  • Civilian System Patrol (CSP): An auxiliary to the SFC, the Civilian System Patrol (CSP) is comprised of merchant ships that carry weapons and armor capable of letting them go up against smaller warships. Typically the CSP assists during emergencies, but is capable of being drawn on in a war should the need arise.
  • Civic Patrol (CP): The Civic Patrol (CP) is the name given to police forces across the Initiative.
  • Internal Security Directorate (ISD): The Internal Security Directorate (ISD) monitors planets and colonies, trying to watch out for any possible uprisings or trouble within the Initiative.
  • Interstellar Service (ISS): The Interstellar Service (ISS) monitors planets and organizations outside the Initiative, in an effort to watch out for raids and other trouble.

Home Planet Options
Now, while the eventual goal for Beyond the Frontier is to have something in the order of 125 possible planetary/lunar starting options, that's far, far too many to list here. However, if in the master list, you're not interested in doing a planet or moon, and you'd rather have your character be born on a ship, orbital base, or something else, let us know what you have in mind!

At present, only humans and human-derivatives are available for play in the world (sorry! Humanity just hasn't met aliens yet!). However, within the confines of humanity and human-derivatives there are...
  • Humans (H): Your standard person. Nothing too special, comes in a variety of colors, weights, flavors and ideologies.
  • Transhuman (H+): Cyborgs. People who have a high amount of cybernetic augmentations than the standard human. (A list of augmentations is forth-coming, but if you have suggestions/requests, again, let us know!)
  • Metahuman (H=): Humans with a high-degree of genetic engineering. This genetic engineering can take the form of genetic upgrades to enhance various traits and features, to more cosmetic ones such as using genetics to add in animal appearances
If I've failed to cover a subject in-depth, or you have questions, please do let us know, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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