Character Biography Guide
This will be a short overview of the character biographies that we use, so that they're standardized against one template, to make life a little simpler for us to read each other's sheets.

Some of the information needed to fill it out can be found at

The guide follows a rather basic style: 
Rank/Branch (If applicable): This is your character's rank and who they work for (ie: a private in the army). Keep in mind that we're not going to let you create a high-ranking character immediately.
Position/Organization (if applicable): This is what your character does, and who they work for. It will potentially change as your character's allegiances shift, or things change.
Species & Gender: 
Date of Birth & Place of Birth: If you use numbers only, please ensure you've made it clear which is the day and which is the month, so there's no confusion across different date formats.

Physical Description
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Style (optional):
Other Features (optional): This can include distinctive scars, tattoos, et cetera.

(Feel free to ask for help on this one, or just toss in something like 'homeschooled', or 'public schooled' or 'X city public'. As progress goes on, we will be adding more schools to the list, though we do have a few military training sites in the wiki).

Feel free to add in any additional slots as needed, this can include pets, spouses, children, aunts, uncles, cousins. Feel free to go as in-depth or not as you please.
Sibling(s): (optional)

Career History
Tell us about where your character has worked, or what postings they've had. If you do this, please put it as
Position, Posting/Branch/company/whatever
Start Date (full date) to End Date (full date)
In example,
Trainee, Aesgard Military Depot
   March 31st, 2501 to April 19th, 2501
Reporter, Interstellar News Service
  31 March, 2501 to 19 April, 2503

Effective Dates of Promotion
Promotions at work, primarily for military characters (yes, even ex-military), but you can include it for civilian characters.

Awards & Decorations
Awards and decorations characters have gotten. Primarily aimed at soldiers, but can include civilians too. Feel free to leave blank.

Write out your character's life story here. Feel free to go in-depth, include details that characters wouldn't know (within reason). This is their biography, as it would be written out. Born here, grew up like this, you get the idea. 
Personality Traits
What do they like? What do they hate? How do they see the world? Tell us about their mindset.

Skills & Qualifications
What are they good at? What have they trained in? Please don't make them mary-sue and "I'm the best at everything", characters like that will be asked to be rewritten.

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