Heart of Winter
Cassius had hold of a stabilising bar when the battle ship below them opened up. His reflex grip, amplified by the servos in his suit's gauntlet, bent and distorted the bar. It held though and stopped him spinning off into the black like some of the troopers.

"Well, that turned bad quick" he said to no one in particular. "I guess a nice easy trip was just too much to ask for eh?"

Turning to the young Predorian beside him Cass addressed Chevy, "You done many EVAs before?"
The short few minutes went by as if it took an eternity -the moment the turrets swiveled and fired, time seemed to stand still, as the adrenaline began coursing through Shino's veins. Ultimately, some troopers had had the same reaction, judging by their quick snappy actions, grabbing whatever they could.

From where Shino was standing, she could see at least three troopers floating around in the black, and one of them wildly flailing their arms around. For sure that would turn into a nightmare for her once this all was over and done. For now however, there were more pressing matters at hand.

Activating her mic, she began talking -or rather, semi-yelling to get the attention of the rest still having their wits about- in a strained voice.

''All of you, get over here NOW! Get your game-face on and get over on this wreck.'' Shino called out again for the others to get to the Heart of Winter's wreckage. Staying on the shuttle while terrified, gripping on whatever was left inside, would make them an easy meal for the explosive, hungry turret shells.

'yo, 'gineers, get your asses over here! We need to get going!' she yelled at the civilians, hoping they'd be safe.
"Well, paint me red and call me bull... Sunshine these bastards are shooting at us!" Malcom let go a surprised grow; "Sunshine, evasive action. Weapons Officer: ready weapons and return fire at the base of turrets three and seven. Take out those guns without endangering friendlies or decreasing hull integrity too much."

"Kota, we're returning fire, prepare for impact, if you could be a dear and disable the weapons-systems that would be nice. If not, we'll try to keep the guns on us rather than the transports." Malcom warned Kota via a quick message.

"Can you techguys crack the encryption? I find it rather rude that these bastards are hiding all their tricks and I'd love to know their secrets. Sunshine, I'm counting on you to keep us safe, we need that intel. WO, we're going to need lots of skill on the firing solutions, keep it steady, keep it safe. Keep talking with each other."

"Fleet command, we're taking and returning fire, friendlies had a rough boarding, once we're clear of enemy fire we'll try and pick up any floaters. Awaiting further orders if there are any. Ashmaker out." Malcom shot another quick message towards the SFC, for now all they could do was pray they could take out the turrets without harming friendlies. Carefully Malcom kept scanning his screens for anything he could use, power fluctuations, a sudden increase or decrease in chatter... anything that could give the guys on the ship as well as his own ship an advantage.
What the hell? Chevy's eyes widened as she saw the turrets come to life, but there wasn't time to really worry about what had possessed them...she had to get to relative safety, so she lunged at Koda, grabbing his arm for support in a near panic as she felt her boots finally take purchase on the steel hull of the errant ship.

"Who did that?" she asked, eyes wide as she looked around at the others. Certainly, the ship hadn't done it on its own? Unless it was programmed to attack perceived threats? And if that was the case, what was to say that the ship itself wouldn't detect them as parasites and try to eradicate them?

But then someone was yelling at them, and she latched onto Cass' arm, using him to steady herself as she shuffled along the deck.
Cassius was still waiting for Chevy to reply when Shino's shout echoed in his ear. At the same time the shuttle lurched again at another near miss. Chevy's wide eyes and tight grip on his arm told him all he needed to know, this was not a situation she was comfortable in.
He shouldn't be either to be fair, and yet he was in an eerie state of calm. 
"well, isn't that weird?" he said to no one in particular. Addressing the young woman on his arm Cass put on what he hoped was a friendly, reassuring time. 
"Right lass, we are going to take a little jump across this gap. Nothing to it really, just hold onto me and we will be fine. In the count of three lightly push off. One, two.."
And with that Cassius pushed off, hard.

As he floated through the void he had a few seconds to think, here is a perfect example of why the first rule of EVAs is 'take it slow and steady'. The augmented strength of the combat suit had propelled him much faster than was safe. Then a split second later the act of pulling Chevy with him had thrown both of them into a spin.
With only seconds until they collided with the hull of the heart of winter Cass made a choice. He diverted as much power as possible to the magnets in his boots and gloves, and braced for impact.
With most of the Troopers now safely on the hull of the wrecked ship, Shino sighed inwardly.

This was the easy part, damn it. Now what? The Ashmaker will be providing support, so I suppose we should buy the crew -and captain, lucky bastard- a couple of rounds when we next get to a bar. We'll owe them if we get through this alive.

Putting the shivers to the back of her mind, Shino shifted her attention to the engineers. One of them had quite comically grasped the other by the arm, as if they were an old person that couldn't walk on their own. Midway they started to spin -luckily for them, it was only a short gap- and they landed hard, but safely.

Not realising she had kept her breath in she released it, audibly.

Once again adressing the comms to the remaining troopers, engineers, and Kota, she spoke up in a much calmer voice.

''A'ight troops, attention. Follow LT Kota's directions. We don't know what we'll find in this wreck, but, stay frosty. Check your weapons, suits, and breeches again.  The Ashmaker's crew will be looking for us. The sooner we get inside, the sooner we'll be able to return planetside without getting our asses shot up.''

Shutting down the unit's comms, she adressed the engineers.

''Welcome to the party. I'm glad you could make it. Whatever happens, stay safe in there, we'll need everyone to sort this out.'' Shino said, nodding respectfully at the engineers. A jump like that was always filled with adrenaline, much more so when under fire.

Walking up to Kota, she adressed him, snapping off a crisp salute before clutching her rifle again.
''Lt, the last Troops are finding their footing, and we're as ready as can be. Engineers are A-okay. Just say the word and we're goin' in''

SFCV Heart of Winter
Kota knelt down, trying to get down closer to the deck without flattening against it, gesturing for the others. He peered around, as the shuttle that had brought them to the hull of the wreck darted away, lest it be destroyed. He gestured to one of his platoon, who began pulling hull breaching charges from a satchel strapped to their side. "Autonomous defense system, picking targets automatically," Kota called as an answer to Chevy's question, ducking his head down as he heard, and felt, through his feet, the rumble of the ships guns. Another wave of the high-velocity shells from the ship to ship guns passed overhead as a brief and momentary streak of light before a nearby ship was surrounded by a growing cloud of debris. "Corporal Wolf, you stick to our two engineers like a medic sutured you to them," He ordered. "We may have gravity inside, we may not. Obviously at least part of the power system or secondaries is live," He said, gesturing a thumb at the cannons nearby. "Mister Rean, Ms Roa, you two stick close to the corporal, grab any parts out of data systems you see, and let us know if you spot something we can exploit. I know it isn't exactly your forte, but you'll still be better at it than us," He called.

As the platoon member finished strapping down hull breaching charges, there was a solid 'whumpf' the team felt through their feet, as debris flew outwards in a geyser. Two of the platoon darted into the wide hole, and pushed themselves in, before Kota followed. As the team entered, they found themselves stepping into what remained of a mess hall. Utilitarian in it's design, it consisted of a dozen or so steel tables bolted down, with matching benches. There were several hatches leading out, one of them open and attached to the wall by a single hinge.
From beneath the other hatch, however, curious black veins grew and spread outwards, surrounded by a black, molasses-like substance, that rippled with every tremor of the hull as the turrets fired again and again.

SFCV Ashmaker
Coming through the speakers on the Ashmaker's bridge, Malcom could hear the other lieutenant direct orders to several people, before speaking to Malcolm. "We'll do our best, keep in mind we're not the only ones on this scrapheap," He called, his voice raised a little. "If you can start punching holes in the ship, just avoid these-" A diagram of the wreckage suddenly gained highlights. "Sections, and anything else Fleet signals you not to hit."

"On it," The weapons officer on the Ashmaker called, and the ship shuddered, as the tactical plot updated with several rounds from the spinal railgun. Nearby to the Ashmaker, on the plot, several ships were showing signs of damage from the fire from the Heart of Winter. There was a brief warble of a distress beacon, as a shuttle in the battlefield, inbound to the wreckage, was disabled by fire. He could hear his weapons officer and pilot talking, trying to align the spinal mount for another volley.

"I don't know what you expect me to do, Captain," The engineer called. "It's not that we can't break their encryption, it's just there's nothing there to recover. Their network is a mess, it's fragmented, like the ship, it's heavily damaged." There was a brief noise, of an incoming channel from Fleet Command, before an emotionless female voice began to speak. "SFCV Ashmaker, there are currently several destroyers and frigates inbound to help set up a flak screen. Your orders are to distract and bait the main guns aboard the Heart of Winter. Dealing further damage to the vessel and recovering survivors from wounded craft are both secondary priorities at this time. Further orders and intel as available to follow on this channel. Command, out."

SFCV Whisperer
Aboard the SFCV Whisperer, in system for a refit, chaos reigned. Petty Officer Felicia Sanders could hear, both audible and through her implant, orders being directed every which way. Directed to her and everyone marked with a boarding specialty came the orders to suit up and get to the shuttles on the double. There had been rumors flying, throughout the ship, about the mysterious wreckage of one of their sister ships, that had done a point singularity jump, and plowed into the atmosphere of Sanctuary, shedding half of it's hull in the process. It was less than half an hour later, though, that swarms of shuttles from nearby ships and the planet began approaching it to deploy boarding parties. As the first shuttles deployed their passengers, the ship had begun opening fire, as if it had been waiting for them, knocking several out, and damaging several ships in neighboring orbits.


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