Heart of Winter
"Well, bloody blazes... Ain't seen anything like this in the mines. Nasty way to go, I just hope it was over soon for the poor sods." Malcom muttered, closing off his suit to prevent himself from turning into an space icicle. Walking up to the hatch he closed the door behind him and started decompressing the room, attaching a cable to himself as a precaution. It would be bad if he were to be sucked into space whilst attempting to rescue the others.

After a load hiss the room was decompressed, void of air and Malcom gently opened the door to the transport, his display showing minimal life signs. "Morning chaps, you called for a ride?" Malcom called out, gently and carefully walking towards the first survivor, pulling the cable with him. With every step he took Malcom felt more and more dread coming over him. Ashmaker was a fine ship but this shuttle seemed to have been torn in half from one of the flakguns on the Heart of Winter. The realisation of how close they had come to suffer the same fate struck Malcom to the core. Sure enough this had happened in the mines back in the days as well but still it made him feel weary.

"Alright soldier, time to get on your feet." Malcom said to the first soldier, grabbing the shoulder and undoing the safeties on the seats so he could more easily take the soldier with him.
Soldier in hand Malcom walked back towards the Ashmaker, placed the soldier in the chamber and went back for the next one. 'Just seven more to go.' he thought to himself.

SFCV Heart of Winter
In the corridor, Kota could feel his team's resolve starting to waver, as they were pushed back and back, until Kota looked from side to side, and found himself backing into the command center. He was about to turn and slam at the emergency seal button when shots began to hit the reanimated from behind, troopers beginjning to pour into the corridor from the opposite end. "Hey, guys," Kota called, without looking back. "Cavalry arrived. You all ready?"

As Shino fired her rifle at almost point blank into the body of the navigator, he flinched backwards, more from the physical impact than from an apparent emotion. It turned to face her, and let out a snarl that was silent in the airless compartment, before turning to peer at Chevy's motions. It turned it's head between the two, before Shino's knife took it's head off.

Watching this, Kota snarled, "C'mon, time to go," He called, beckoning to the others. He'd go to lead them back to the surface of the hull, where they can see a shuttle waiting to take them away. To the sides, beyond, they can see the ship's hull begin to buckle and bloom outwards, as explosions rock the wreckage, coming from within, as if the hip itself were protesting their leaving.

SFCV Ashmaker
As Malcom begins grabbing soldiers from the wreckage of the shuttle, he can hear the soft cursing of one of his crewmen. "We're trying to keep the wreckage between us and the Heart of Winter, but the way it's torn up, I'd hurry, boss," Sunshine radios over. Several of the troopers aboard the shuttle were decidedly not alive, with suits or bodies sheared in half. One of the other passengers on the shuttle got up, moving to help Malcom, before nudging him for attention, gesturing through the debris field left by the shuttle's destruction, as bright lights began to flare from the distant wreckage.

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"Bloody blazes." Malcom cursed, speeding things up with his current charge and gesturing towards the Ashmaker. "Get your asses in now!" he commanded,
"Be ready to boost off, we'll come back later if we can. Track their flak, if they're shooting at us we have to leave, we're no good dead to anyone."

And with that Malcom grabbed the soldier he was working on and hauled their asses towards the Ashmaker, nearly tripping over debris whilst looking over his shoulder to see if the light at the end of the tunnel hurtling towards him and his crew. Dropping his charge on the Ashmaker Malcom stood in the door opening, looking if there were still passengers moving towards the ship.

"Sunshine, what can you tell me? Can we go for another run or do we have to leave?" he asked calmly via coms.
Hearing Kota's snarl, Shino quickly turned around and practically grabbed the engineers. She tried to force them out into the corridors, covered by the remainder of Kota's unit and the newcomers.

''Cassius, hold on to the data! I swear to whatever deity out there is listening I'll eat you alive if you lose this shit.'' Shino stated matter-of-factly.

Turning to the rest of the soldiers she started dishing out some orders, if they weren't already doing so. In this chaos, she might've missed the LT issuing commands. 
Either way, better safe than sorry.

''Listen up. Cover your corners, watch out for enemy units, protect the data and civilians. Let's beat it! I don't know about you, but I've had enough of this bullship!'' Shino yelled in her helmet, hoping that no more lives would be lost.

''Chevy, Cass, we're almost there. Hold on a little bit longer, 'kay?'' Shino said in a rather hushed tone. Even if they showed a ton of badassery by coming up, they weren't soldiers (yet), but Shino'd vouch for them if they got off this ship and wanted to help -without a doubt, as one of the primary responders, she'd be transferred to go on a mision after this.

Same as my old man had. He was ordered to fight against some large pirate force when he found out about one of their outposts on some planet. I don't remember much, since I was really young back when he told me, but if this is even remotely comparable, I'll be sent out as well. Well, not like the Senate Security was remotely challenging. Sticking to the rules was more challenging than the actual work.

With her absent-mindedness, she hadn't noticed a trooper had stumbled. Nearly tripping over the soldier, she managed to haul him up by one of the arms, and found herself staring straight at Kota's backside before she rose to her full height again.

''Corporal Wolf reporting, Sir. We're getting out of here real soon, yeah? Data has been collected, and I've got a recording of the command center as well, if that's of any help. I just hope we're getting off this thing alive.'' Shino said in a quieter voice, after hailing the Lieutenant on a private channel.

Checking her corners, and the way they came from -that is, the Command Center- she couldn't find any credible threat.

Thank fuck. Maybe I'm getting out of this suicide ride after all
The hatch on the shuttle blew open, and the two dozen marines inside started jumping towards the Heart.
Davids heart was pounding, despite being part of many boarding ops, this was the first time he had ever assulted a battleship - along with its CIWS and interior defenses.
Someone mentioned somthing about the enemy's door being down, and David was flying towards the hull as his HUD filled with warnings and the flash of flack and CIWS opening up on the vulnerable marines.
The first to fire retro and hit the hull started to pull out weapons and highlight weapon emplacements for targeting by the warships and strike craft.
2 nearby gun batteries opened fire, rounds tearing into a corvette causing it to explode in a brilliant flash of light as the reactor breached. For a few disorentating seconds the electrics in the suits shorted and one of the marines found themself unable to fire retros and slammed into the hearts hull fast enough to shatter his suit.
David felt a sudden jerk as his suits retros fired and he started to pull out his own bullpup magrifle.

Despite the retros, the hull felt like a frieght train when he hit it. He engaged his magnetic boots and started to jog out of the dropzone towards the nearest airlock, meeting up the rest of his squad, those that had made it through. "Come on you apes; with me!" David yelled over the intercom to the 13 men that had made it. 11 dead in 10 seconds, it can only go uphill  thought David, not really beliving it.

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This caught Viktor completely by surprise as he took a heavy hit to the jaw, disorienting him a bit. He quickly regained his senses, much angrier than before.
He griped the now aggressive being in an a iron grip. "Hey doc, back off" he said in a low growling voice. He got up with the shambler flailing about, carrying it in one hand. 

Now, what do I do with this fucker. I didn't exactly think this through.

He looked quickly around to for anywhere to put it, another smack, this shambler was in for a fun time.
"You want to die punk?" he boomed over it.
He took one winding swing and hurled the shambler over into the airlock. He paced over to the airlock, pushing a button to close it. 

I'm sorry for having to do this to you son, but you're beyond saving

He pressed the button and the sound of the airlock could be heard opening.
He turned back to see if there were any more of them, with an angry glare he looked around.

 "You alright, doc?"

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