Heart of Winter
Shino'd left the spacecraft in a daze, just kind of... walking, following the injured Kota. It wasn't as if he was special or anything, but she thought it was her fault he got injured. Guilt has a way of sneaking up to you and overtaking you somehow. With a quiet sigh, she rose up from the chair, next to the room where Kota was taken care of in. It wouldn't be long now till the brass wanted her to come in and show how well she could parade around for them, and give them a nice debriefing.

Frankly, she didn't care about these things, almost no-one she knew did. Sadly, it was one of those things that were just necessary for the proper actions to be taken.

Still clad in the suit she wore, she just... forgot about taking it off. Whether she was supposed to or not, wasn't really registering. She walked out and joined the others when they got to the waiting area. She only briefly flickered her eyes over to them, before settling on watching at something on the wall nearby -maybe a spot of charcoal, pencil, whatever it was. Shino's eyes looked a bit hollow - the shit that had happened on the Heart of Winter had utterly baffled her: the shamblers, troopers impaled by horrific plant-like veins, the panicked shouts...

It was getting to her, she'd have to steel herself to give a rational and well-performed theatric for the brass and give her report. She wasn't sure what she could add to what the grease monkeys would say.

''say... You slept long, Cass. Did you get any good sleep?'' She couldn't imagine him sleeping well, so soon after combat -soldiers were often told to not go to sleep, to prevent the exact thing that happened to Cassius, albeit without her knowing. Shino actually just wanted to lie down and forget all about the day. It had been strange, tense, and false excitement.
"I suppose we shall." Malcom said, "Alright troopers on your feet, you'll be getting some well deserved rest and a nice band-aid. Thank you for flying with Ashmaker spacelines and good luck. Let us hope we'll get through this without turning into weird shit." he joked as he walked up to the tube and opened up his coms.

"Lieutenant Malcom Russel requesting permission to come aboard. We're here to transport two individuals and deliver some troops for medical care. You should have been informed regarding whom I'm speaking of and I hope to count on your cooperation on this matter. Thank you in advance. Russel out." he hailed the Starlight's Fall and waited for the doors to slide open so he could enter the ship and pick up his package. He knew he had to shake some hands once he entered the other side and things had to be done quickly. Behind him the troopers gathered, some walking unassisted, others trying to stay upright by leaning on their brothers and sisters for assistance.

Today was a bad day and things might only get worse...
With a hiss the door slid open, Malcom let out a sigh and beckonned the others to follow as he went through the tube.

Central Command - Sanctuary
Chevy, Kota, Cassius, Zastor, Wolf

The shuttle touched down, several marines rushing aboard, and grabbing Kota and the other wounded, and hustling them off. As the others disembarked, they found themselves nestled against a mountainside, a rather large, set of landing pads laid out with a swarm of shuttles landing and taking off every moment. The landing pad was surrounded by a high earth and concrete berm from the other pads, and from a large motor pool off to one side. Training grounds were laid out, with the entire complex surrounded by a high, antiquated-looking stone wall. A large entryway, for pedestrians, led into the side of the mountain, a trio of soldiers in armor approaching the waiting team from that direction. The lead one was a tall woman with a shaved head, her helmet off and clipped to her belt. She paused and peered out over them. "If you'll follow me," She said, with a stern voice, turning to lead towards the entryway. "Someone has questions."

CMS Starlight's Fall/SFCV Ashmaker Docking Tube
Viktor, Malcom
As Malcom began making his way down the docking tube, he could see a handful of marines standing by a giant of a man and a far smaller woman. The latter was dressed as a doctor, and peered at them, with a frown on her face, and her arms folded. The leader of the marines went to step forward. "Lieutenant Russel, welcome aboard," He said, rendering a crisp salute. "Two passengers, ready for down transport, sir."

I wonder who this ''someone'' is. the young Corporal thought. Well, whoever it was, it'd be a bigwig she guessed. Who else had the authority to get people so short of notice after a mission to be asked questions. She felt slightly nervous, as if she'd done something wrong, but Shino took the lead for the others.

''Yah, let's go guys. See what this ''someone wants'', yeah? And after that, drinks! We should cut loose after this.'' Shino said, already looking forward to drinking away the stress -she had a feeling this wasn't the last she had to go through, concerning the downright creepy shit that went on on board the Heart of Winter.

''I wonder who else will show up here, aren't you guys interested? Maybe some political bigwig? a high-ranking operative or officer? Im curious, nervous, and at the same time excited.'' She said rapidly, trying quite hard to get rid of the nagging guilt she could've done better.

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