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Bug Reports - Asid Mjolnir - 06-06-2017

Hey, if anyone has issues with the forum or wiki, please post them up here and I'll get them fixed ASAP.

RE: Bug Reports - Charles E. - 10-15-2018

Hi Asid, I am a new member of this board and love to see here Introduction corner as well General and Travel corner as well.

RE: Bug Reports - Asid Mjolnir - 10-16-2018

Ahh, alright! Sure, give me a moment. Introduction corner is up. What do you think General & Travel corner would be about, out of curiosity? I'm just not quite getting what you have in mind there.

RE: Bug Reports - Charles E. - 10-22-2018

Yeah, I got Introduction corner. But if talk about General & Travel corners them must say in Travel corner for sharing travel problems and experiences. General section will be beyond any restrictions like there member will able to talk about anything freely. Hope you got me and love to increase forum worth by calling more people of different interests.

RE: Bug Reports - Asid Mjolnir - 10-22-2018

...Which is rather not the purpose of this forum, since this is dedicated to a roleplaying group.