Character Sheet
Name:  Victor Cassidy
Alias(es):  N/A
Rank/Branch (If applicable):  Ranger 1st Class, REC 
Position/Organization (if applicable):  On top of carrying out the orders assigned to him like other rangers of his rank, he is also picked to carry out missions of top secret variety such as assassinations.
Species & Gender: Trans-Meta Human, Male
Date of Birth & Place of Birth:  January 20th, 2479, Asam 

Physical Description
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  210 lbs
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Style (optional):  Goes to above eye level, messy straight
Other Features (optional):  Scar crossing over his right eye


Military:  X Academy


Mother:  N/A
Father:  N/A
Sibling(s):  None

Career History

Ranger, REC
February 15, 2497-Current date

Effective Dates of Promotion
Junior Ranger, 2498

Ranger, 2500
Ranger 1st Class, 2503
Awards & Decorations

He was born in a secret lab on the planet of Asam, bred for the purpose of the military and combat.  As such all he knew educationally is things known for the military, apart from the basics they taught at the academy. 

Personality Traits
Has a peculiar fascination with weapons of various varieties but prefers guns and explosives.  Sees things in a straight-forward manner in the eyes of the law given by Central Command.
  • A cybernetic left eye with ability to scan in multispectrum (Light, Heat, Nightvision)
  • Neural Interface
  • Upgraded nervous system (replaced some organic matter with cybernetics for enhanced reflexes)
  • Heightened smelling and hearing from genetic enhancements.
  • Climate Adaptability, able to withstand hotter and colder climates a bit better than the normal human also due to his genetic enhancements

Skills & Qualifications
Hand-to-hand combat, Fire-arms, explosives, Intimidation, piloting Roughneck-class Assault Shuttles
I like it, but could you please put in more details? Just comes off a bit minimalist at the moment as it is. Also, please put in dates for the promotions. But it's good enough to get started with. Ready for me to give you an introduction into the game with my next post?
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